2017 MAC Inprovements

USA Dance NY Chapter Board
Sep 16, 2016

Dear Competitors, Spectators, Vendors and Volunteers,

We would like to thank the 120 of you who took the time to submit the post-competition survey to the Greater NY Chapter of USA Dance after the Manhattan Amateur Classic 2016. This has been our second year offering a post-competition survey, and we believe your honest responses are invaluable in making the MAC successful and enjoyable in the future.

With this goal in mind, we would like to address some of your major concerns and highlight the ways in which the MAC will continue to move forward in 2017 and beyond.

Many of you were extremely pleased with the venue of the MAC 2016, the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City. We agree with you. We are happy to announce that the MAC 2017 will be held on January 13-15, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency at 2 Exchange Place in Jersey City. This beautiful venue is located just across the Hudson River. While we understand the desire to host the MAC in Manhattan or Brooklyn, we cannot afford any venues large enough to support an event the size of the MAC in New York City without greatly increasing competitor and spectator fees. We believe that, with the Hyatt's accessibility to New York City, it will prove to be a great host for the MAC over the next three years and will allow us to keep our same affordable prices and grow the competition.

We understand the need for the competition to be easily accessible for everyone via public transportation, car, plane and train. We chose The Hyatt as it is located less than 100 feet from the first PATH train station from Manhattan and just a few stops on the PATH from Newark Airport.

There are many restaurants located within five blocks of the Hyatt for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including a 24-hour diner. We will be providing a list of the local food options to competitors and spectators to help easily identify nearby options.

This year the MAC took place at a new venue, the Hyatt Regency Jersey City, and in the survey we asked for people to rank the various aspects of that venue and the competition overall, given the choices excellent, very good, good, fair, or poor. Most responses said the main ballroom, spectator seats, changing rooms, food options, vendors available, vendor space and music ranged from good to excellent. Many responses said the hotel rooms were excellent and most stated that the practice room was good but that they wished the practice floor was a little bigger. Most responses said that the overall venue was excellent or very good.

We asked competitors who had danced in a Senior category if we should continue to split Senior I and II and Senior III and IV on different days between Friday and Saturday. Twenty-three responded that we should continue to split, while 22 responded that we shouldn't. We re-polled people via the "World Senior Competitor's Dancesport Commission" and the NY chapter Facebook group with this same question to help us make the scheduling decision for the MAC 2017. This time 24 wanted the Senior categories to be split and 7 wanted Senior I & II and III & IV on the same days. The spilt won and so the Senior schedule will remain the same.

While we are very glad that so many respondents loved the venue, we pledge nevertheless to continue to improve other aspects of the competition for next year based on survey results. Below are some ways we are exploring to improve for the MAC 2017:

-The practice room floor will be bigger
-The ballroom is to be more decorated and have better lighting
-The competition will have a monitors in the on-deck room as well as in the on-deck area.
-We shall continue to have one of the best possible judging panels of any competition in the US, and we will push for more female judges, along with more judges who have a background in the American Style
-Dressing rooms will be better equipped with more chairs and racks to hang costumes.

We are very excited that we shall be returning to the Hyatt this upcoming year! We hope to see you at the next MAC on January 13-15, 2017!


Board of the Greater NY Chapter of USA Dance

  • 2017 MAC Inprovements