Rules & Policies


General Information

  • Registration can be found by clicking here
  • Entry list for competitors can be found by clicking here
  • Entry Fees (Per Competitor) -- All fees have been updated to reflect that the Early Bird Special has ended.
    • Adult Competitor — $135/person
    • College Student Competitor — $100/person
    • Youth Competitor — $100/person
    • Pre-Teen/Junior/Youth Competitor — $100/person
    • Competitors who can only dance in Adult Championship Events -- $100/person
  • Competitor Entries include Ballroom Access only for sessions danced. For events taking place across multiple sessions, entry will be provided for all sessions in which the event is danced.
  • Senior, Adult, and Youth Pre-Championship, Championship events may have preliminary rounds during the Matinee Session, competitors must be prepared to dance in the appropriate sessions.
  • Competitor age is based on birth year, not birth day — please check the Age Categories for details.
  • Same-Sex events will be held at the MAC. These events will be held in two proficiency levels - Syllabus and Open, and will be Open Adult events.
    • The syllabus events are open to all Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver & Gold couples competing against each other and will be single dance events in all 4 styles.
    • The open events are open to all open level dancers - Novice, Pre-Champ and Champ and will be judged against each other.
    • All ages will be judged against each other.
    • All same-sex participants must be USA Dance or WDSF members.
    • There is NO differentiation between professional and amateur competitors in the same-sex events.
  • COMPETITION OPEN ONLY TO USA Dance, WDSF Members & WDSF Affiliate member organizations. A current valid USA Dance / WDSF / Affiliate number is required to register. Remember, all USA Dance Athlete memberships expire on Dec. 31, 2017. You will need to renew your membership at least 2 weeks prior to the MAC. Please go to USA Dance website and click on membership to renew or to register.
  • On-Site renewals of USA Dance numbers will be available, you will be required to enter the information on the designated computer that will be available at the competition.
  • However, there is NO guarantee that your new membership information or your renewal information will be processed in time for your qualifications to be tabulated. This may cause you not to qualify for Nationals. Please don't let this happen to you and sign-up or renewal at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline for registration.
  • For guaranteed entry into the events of your choice, all entries must be RECEIVED and Paid for by December 31. After December 31, 2017, any late entries will be at the discretion of the registrar.
  • Late Registrations will not be accepted without payment.
  • Entries not paid by December 31 are not guaranteed and may be dropped at the discretion of the registrar
  • Entries received after December 31st will incur a $20/competitor late fee.
  • On-Site Competitor payments incur a $20/competitor late fee.
  • REFUND POLICY: Competitors may request a refund of their entry fees in writing at least one week prior to the competition (January 6, 2018) or by sending an email to Refunds will be honored less a 10% processing fee. Spectator tickets will not be refunded.
  • SIX EVENT LIMIT in effect for Seniors and Adults for the per person fee and for College Students for the per person fee. Pre-Teens, Juniors and Youth have up to 8 entries for the per person fee. Please read 2017 RULES AND REGULATIONS, IMPORTANT NOTICE for details.
  • For competitors wishing to enter more than 6 events for Adults & Seniors, and for more than 8 events for Pre-Teen, Junior or Youth, we are offering additional events at $10 per event/per person. Same-sex events are not included in the 6 event limit.
  • All syllabus events will be STRICTLY INVIGILATED, both the IDSF and WDSF syllabus will be allowed.
  • MASTERS of SYLLABUS have two (2) NEW EVENTS this year, in addition to MoS Standard and Latin, we have added MoS Smooth & Rhythm and all 5 dances in Standard, Latin & Rhythm (4 in Smooth) will be danced. Events are open to competitors in J2 and older age groups, in all proficiency levels. We invite all dancers, in Open categories, to display their mastery of syllabus technique in MoS. Show us how it should be done!!
  • Student/Teacher (S/T) Events.
    • You cannot be the judged partner in a S/T couple, and also be entered as part of a regular Amateur couple with that same person.
    • THERE ARE ALSO PRO/AM EVENTS TAKING PLACE AT THIS YEAR'S MAC. The Pro does not have to be a member of USA Dance, however, the amateur member of the couple must have a valid & current USA Dance membership number.
    • Competitor Ticket Policy All competitor tickets will be issued at check-in. Lost tickets will be charged at the full spectator rate for the respective session.
  • Enter your team in the MAC Grand Slam Team Match - We will register teams at the venue during the Saturday and Sunday matinee sessions, as long as the schedule permits.
  • Coaches - please see our policy for passes
  • Qualifying for 2018 USA Dance Nationals: To be eligible for Nationals you must:
    1. Have competed in a minimum of one USA Dance National Qualifying Event (NQE) competition since the end of the last USA Dance National DanceSport Championships.
    2. Have competed in the same partnership and in the same event (style/age/proficiency level) in the aforementioned NQE that you intend to enter in the USA Dance National DanceSport Championships and placed in the top 75% of Eligible Athlete Couples in that event. (This means: Pre-Bronze, Masters of Syllabus, Student/Teacher, Pro/Am, Same-Sex, and Team Match events do NOT qualify for Nationals.) OR
    3. Couples participating in more than one NQE, will automatically be qualified in any event (same proficiency level, same age category) that they have danced in more than one NQE, regardless of placement.