WDO World Championships in All Four Styles

Synchronized events and Grading Round events only require a Competitor Pass.

Synchronized Dancing

Synchronized Dancing events are totally gender neutral. Two or three people are dancing the same routine at the same time as a team of individuals. It’s a formation team of individuals rather than of couples. The routine can be composed of leaders’ &/or followers’ steps and they can be intertwined so that the dancers all switch between the different roles.

Judging is based on how together (synchronized) everyone is dancing. Think of a synchronized swimming team, with all the team members doing the same thing at the same time but doing it on the floor to Cha Cha or Waltz music.

Time to get your friends and teammates together, choreograph a routine and compete at the MAC in this brand new event.

Grading Rounds

In competitions where there are no pre-determined proficiency levels, couples are first judged against every other couple dancing their style. Grading rounds are therefore required before the competition placement rounds of multi-dance graded categories.

The purpose of grading rounds, also called “separation rounds” or “classification rounds,” is to group all couples of the same average level/quality in the same class. These events only require the Competitor Pass payment and are open to all competitors – Amateur and Professional alike!

During the grading event, you will dance 2 dances in a style and then be graded into either Level A, B or C. The couples graded into each level will then compete against each other to determine placement. Level A will be 5 dances for Standard, Latin and Rhythm and 4 dances for Smooth. Level B will be 4 dances in Standard, Latin, Rhythm & Smooth. Level C will be 3 dances in each style.