Important Announcement

Important Announcements!

Today is one week from the start of MAC 2024. Here are some important announcements.
  1. We will be starting at 1:00PM on Friday afternoon, not 2:00PM like originally thought.
  2. I am currently working on the schedule for the weekend. It is still in flux so if you see a specific time, don’t take that time to the bank, it will probably change as the weekend progresses.
  3. Don’t forget that there is a USAD Training Camp on Monday following the MAC. There will be group classes, rounds, and privates taking place during the camp. Privates are booking up fast, so don’t delay with signing up for the privates. The camp will help you qualify towards getting sent to World Championships and to receive a stipend from USA Dance. If you are a college couple and interested in attending, please contact me at
  4. If you have opened an O2CM account, but haven’t yet entered your events, please do so immediately. I will be deleting all empty accounts Sunday night.
  5. If you have a TBA next to your partner’s name, please complete your registration. If the TBA remains, I will be deleting the account on Sunday night.
  6. If you still owe money, please pay up. I will be adding the $25.00 late/late/late fee Sunday night.

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